Remington University TV AD Animation Design

Remington University


The Remington University Corporation is a private higher education institution, with national coverage and international projection of academic programs for the integral formation of students with professional competences, global vision and ethical values. Remington University showed me their interest in creating an online advertising commercial (their website and social networks). Its intention was to encourage young people in studying a professional career. This was the perfect opportunity to create an audiovisual product from its pre, production and post-production.


Remington University Web AD Remington University Web AD Remington University Web AD

The first step consisted in the elaboration of a story and its main character: Remy would be an "anti hero" who one day immersed himself in the fantasy of comforts he always dreamed of, nevertheless he wakes up and realize he is already doing what is necessary to achieve his dream ... study. The process continued with the preproduction (Technical and Literary Script, Character Creation, Storyboard, Animatic) to the point of starting animation production. The post-production also made part of my work, to the point of delivering the finished product and make it part of the online campaign of the Remington University Corporation.

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