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During my job as Art Director at Alün Ideas, I had the opportunity to work with one of the most interesting clients and projects so far. Sáenz Fety is a family business, whose trajectory and knowledge in the colombian agricultural economy have been consolidated through a solid motto when doing business: "upright and well done". These values are faithfully represented in its brand, communications and, of course, corporate visual identity.

Given the growth and development of defined business lines, Sáenz Fety was proposed a modular identity but with elements of high recognition. This is how a composition was developed from graphic units that can work well as individually and/or as a whole without losing coherence and of course the identity of the client. Each line of business can operate within a separate micro-environment, which allows it to fully exploit and communicate better with the respective public; it happens that in the agricultural guild there are many specializations and those who execute them are people with very different needs, knowledge, and languages.

Corporate identity

Sáenz Fety Corporate Identity

Business lines identity

Sáenz Fety Business Lines Identity

It was essential to take into account the difficulties while executing the visual identity: packaging, uniforms, promotional material, etc., everything can and will be exposed to difficult readability circumstances such as in the open, agroindustrial deposits, dirt, and any rugged environment common to the trade in the field. This is why abbreviated versions of the logo were developed, which can synthesize the brand even more and allow to retain its indelible attributes in the public's mind.

Logo abbreviations and construction

Sáenz Fety logo abbreviations and construction

Brand stationery

Sáenz Fety brand stationery Sáenz Fety brand stationery

After constructing the identity and its usage manual, I directed the design team in its implementation. Packaging, commercial stationery, signage, POP, technical documents, and more were part of the many graphic compositions that the team designed based on the identity that the client gladly approved.

Brand implementation

Sáenz Fety brand implementation Sáenz Fety brand implementation Sáenz Fety brand implementation Sáenz Fety brand implementation