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BRAND DESIGN offers its visitors the opportunity to enjoy some of the most sensual Colombian women on the web. This company's commitment is to maintain discretion and good taste permanently. Amantes del Deseo represented a professional and versatile challenge. This client, whose service is quite peculiar, asked me to strengthen its corporate identity and web presence. Although it already had significant recognition in the market and its clients, Amantes del Deseo lacked a graphic identity and a quality website. It was then that we began with the creation of a clear, striking logo with a high level of remembrance. Once this was defined, a basic stationery was designed (business card).


Amantes del Deseo Brand Design

Amantes del Deseo is back to reinvent itself. On this occasion, they said they were satisfied with the previous website (which was also made by me), however they wanted to explore the new capabilities and standards in web design and development. With larger images, JS animations, and a more modern interface that makes use of ample resolutions. In this way, the client remains at the top of web quality between similar wesites. With a very well defined graphic concept, the design and implementation of its website continued. Amantes del Deseo has a large and changing portfolio of escorts, which made it necessary to have a Content Management System. For this, a custom WordPress installment was developed and later training classes given to the company's webmaster. Up to the present, the client satisfactorily continues making use of the products made.

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