Suavitel Landing Page Design

Suavitel Fast Dry Fabric Softner




Suavitel required introduction to the native and Latin American public in the USA of its new Fast Dry variant. Given that the premise was not to create a micro-site only for such purposes, it was decided to redesign the current site, but orienting it to the new commercial guideline. For this, a chromatic accent (magenta) was introduced, and graphic elements to expose the properties of the new product (aroma and quick drying). Likewise, an internal page exclusively dedicated to the variant (landing page) was created. The result can be seen in its English and Spanish versions.

Key visuals

Suavitel Fast Dry Key Visuals

Homepage with featured product

Suavitel Fast Dry Homepage

Product category

Suavitel Fast Dry Product Category

Product details

Suavitel Fast Dry Product Details

Product landing page

Suavitel Fast Dry landing Page